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The first thing you notice when searching for childcare is just how much money it is.  The quotes I got sent me reeling. I know the struggles of trying to find affordable childcare.   Because I underdstand this struggle (since this was once me)  the first thing you will notice about my prices is I am not as costly  as many daycare centers and home daycares.  The reason for this is because I want to be able to provide a service that is affordable.  I do not believe that you need to pay as much as rent for quality reliable  childcare.  ​​

The next thing  that is personally important to me is the children.  I do not believe in being at capacity.  There is a limit to the amount of children that are cared for here at Kids Connections because we want to nurture and foster each child's indivudal personality.  We want to see them flourish and reach their full potential.  So there is a great emphasis on socialization, language, play skills, manners, and problem solving.   This can only be fully realized if there is a small number of children being worked with at a time, so because of this we will not operate at full capacity.  

Children will react to a change in routine and for some this  can be upsetting.   It  can be  very frustrating when you try to commnicate with people on how to work with your little ones, only to be ignored or made to feel like your concerns are not validated.   No one knows better than  you what works best with your children, and we want to work with you to ensure your concerns are addressed and your child recieves attentive care.   Our philopshy is to build and celebrate strengths while meeting individual needs.   The  limited seating assures that  all children will recieve the indivual attention while working to address their needs.  

Established October 2016 - We are fully insured and everyone on staff is CPR/ First Aid Certified.  Your child(ren)'s safety is our top priority.  

 Unlike many daycares trying to fill their seats.  When we say quality care we mean it. We feel it is very important for kids and you to feel like you're a true part of our family and the children are  receiving the personal attention they deserve. For this reason, we will only be accepting no more then 8 children and 2 infants at this time. Because there is an assistant on staff, your child will have constant and total supervision.