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My name is Linda J. and I am the owner and on site provider for Kids Connections Daycare. My background is in social services, mainly in foster care. I was in this field for over 15 years.  My passion of protecting children and giving back to the community is what kept me in the field for so long. Once I had my son my priorities of course, changed  and like any parent my husband and I  wanted the best for our son. We were just like you; scared to put our heart (our son) in someone else’s care.  We eventually sent him to a daycare and as he got older we realized he was different.  He received a diagnosis that comes with many appointments.  Unfortunately  his daycare  could not  accommodate the different people he had to see  and scheduling them around  our work schedules was difficult.  We struggled to keep up.

 I decided to open a day care that can be just as flexible as the changes life brings. I have received countless training's over the years on child development, discipline techniques, how to manage children individual needs, and de-escalation techniques. Because of my many years in social services, my experience allows me to identify a family's needs and work in partnership with them to ensure their children receive exceptional care.

I look foward to working with your family.  I pride myself to be able work with any family and being   consistent  with your wishes.    Rest assured  your children will be safe with Kids Connections Daycare because I am you.   A  parent who  only wants the best for her child.  I  look forward to working with your family.